iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement Services in DHA Lahore at Ark Computers

iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement

iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement Services in DHA Lahore at Ark Computers

In this tech-savvy era, where our lives are intertwined with smartphones, facing accidental damages is almost inevitable. One common mishap is a shattered back glass on your beloved iPhone 12. But fret not! If you’re in DHA Lahore, Ark Computers is here to rescue your device with its top-notch iPhone 12 back glass replacement services. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of why Ark Computers is your go-to solution for fixing your iPhone 12 back glass issues.

1. The Importance of a Pristine Back Glass

Your iPhone 12 is not just a device; it’s a style statement. The sleek design and premium materials reflect its sophistication. The back glass, apart from aesthetics, also houses essential components. A damaged back glass not only hampers the visual appeal but also poses potential risks to the internal elements.

2. Introducing Ark Computers: Your Trusted Solution

Ark Computers, located in the heart of DHA Lahore, stands out as a reliable destination for all your iPhone 12 back glass replacement needs. With a team of skilled technicians, Ark Computers ensures that your device is in safe hands.

3. Expert Technicians at Your Service

The backbone of Ark Computers’ exceptional services is its team of expert technicians. Trained in handling delicate smartphone repairs, these professionals exhibit precision and finesse when replacing the back glass of your iPhone 12.

4. Genuine Replacement Parts

One of the primary concerns when replacing any component of your iPhone is the authenticity of the replacement parts. Ark Computers alleviates this concern by using only genuine iPhone 12 back glass replacement parts, maintaining the integrity of your device.

5. Quick Turnaround Time

At Ark Computers, time is of the essence. They understand the inconvenience of being without your smartphone. Therefore, their efficient services ensure a quick turnaround time, letting you get back to your digital life without prolonged disruptions.

6. Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Cost is often a decisive factor when opting for repairs. Ark Computers addresses this by offering affordable and transparent pricing for iPhone 12 back glass replacement. No hidden charges, no surprises—just honest and reasonable pricing.

7. Customer-Centric Approach

What sets Ark Computers apart is its customer-centric approach. The team values your time, money, and trust. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to address your concerns make the repair experience smoother and more reassuring.

8. The Process: From Evaluation to Replacement

The process at Ark Computers is designed to be hassle-free. They begin with a thorough evaluation of the damage, followed by a detailed explanation of the issue and the proposed solution. With your consent, the skilled technicians proceed to replace the back glass using meticulous techniques.

9. Quality Assurance and Warranty

Ark Computers takes pride in the quality of their repairs. To assure customers of their workmanship, they offer a warranty on the replacement service. This warranty reflects their confidence in the durability of the repair.

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, Ark Computers emerges as a beacon of hope for those dealing with shattered iPhone 12 back glass. With their expertise, genuine parts, and customer-centric approach, your device is in safe hands. Don’t let a damaged back glass tarnish the elegance of your iPhone 12. Reach out to Ark Computers and experience impeccable repair services.


1. Can I wait while my iPhone’s back glass is replaced at Ark Computers?

Absolutely! Ark Computers provides efficient services that often allow you to wait while your iPhone’s back glass is expertly replaced.

2. How long does the back glass replacement procedure take?

On average, the back glass replacement process takes around 1 to 2 hours, ensuring you’re swiftly reunited with your device.

3. Is my personal data safe during the repair process?

Absolutely. Ark Computers takes data privacy seriously and ensures that your personal data remains intact and secure.

4. What should I do if my iPhone 12 has additional issues besides the back glass?

Ark Computers specializes in iPhone repairs. Feel free to consult their technicians for any other issues your device might be facing.

5. Can I book an appointment in advance for the back glass replacement?

Yes, Ark Computers encourages customers to book appointments in advance to minimize waiting times and ensure a seamless experience.

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