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  • Speed-X 2.0 HDMI Premium Cable Ultra HD 4k 1.5m  699

    Hdmi Cable Speed-X 2.0v 4k Premium 1.5m

    HDMI Premium cable Ultra HD 4k 1.5m Cable is the latest addition to the Speed-X HDMI family. This cable is designed for the fastest data transfer rates between your devices and your displays. Speed-X 2.0v HDMI Premium Cable is also backwards compatible with all other HDMI versions.

    Description: Hdmi Cable Speed-X 2.0v 4k Premium 1.5m

    If you’re looking for the best possible picture quality, you need to buy a HDMI Premium cable. HDMI Premium cables are the best type of cable for high definition television. They offer a better picture quality than other cables. The following are some important things to consider when buying a HDMI Premium cable:

    1. HDMI Premium cables are 4k Ready. This means that they support the latest high definition standards.

    2. They are 1.5m long. This is the maximum length that a HDMI Premium cable can be.

    3. They are made of the best materials. This means that they are durable and will last a long time.

    Weight: 0.50 KGs

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