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  • Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds Bluetooth 5.2 25 Hrs Playtime  7,999

    Model No: Bowie E2
    Material: ABS+PC
    Version: V5.2
    Communication distance: 10m
    Music time: About 5 hours (70% of the volume)
    Music time with a charging case: About 20-25 hours
    Battery capacity: 40mAh/0.148Wh(earphones), 300mAh/1.11Wh(charging case)
    Earphone rated input: DC5V/70mA
    Charging case rated input: DC5V/500mA
    Earphone rated consumption current: 8mA
    Charging case rated current consumption: 100mA
    Charging time: About 1.5 hours
    Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz
    Charge interface: Type-C

    Unveiling the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds: Your Gateway to Ultimate Sound Bliss

    In a world where wireless audio technology is evolving at an astonishing pace, the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds stand out as a remarkable addition to the audio accessory market. Offering Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and an astounding 25 hours of playtime, these earbuds have captured the attention of both audiophiles and casual music enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds, exploring their features, sound quality, design, and why they are a must-have for anyone seeking an immersive audio experience.

    Unboxing the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds

    A Closer Look at the Packaging

    The first impression is often the most lasting, and Baseus understands this well. The Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds come neatly packaged in a sleek, minimalist box that exudes elegance and sophistication. The packaging not only protects the earbuds but also serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality.

    What’s Inside the Box?

    Upon opening the box, you’ll find the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds snugly nestled inside their charging case. The package also includes a USB-C charging cable, user manual, and a variety of ear tips to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for every user.

    Design and Build Quality

    Ergonomic Design for All-Day Comfort

    The earbuds themselves feature an ergonomic design that conforms to the contours of your ears, providing a secure and comfortable fit even during extended listening sessions. This design consideration ensures that you can enjoy your favorite music or podcasts without discomfort.

    Premium Build Materials

    Baseus has spared no expense in crafting these earbuds. They are constructed from high-quality materials that not only enhance their durability but also give them a premium feel. The charging case, in particular, has a smooth matte finish that feels great to the touch.

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    Bluetooth 5.2: Seamless Connectivity (H2)

    One of the standout features of the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds is their Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. This latest Bluetooth version ensures a stable and seamless connection with your devices, allowing you to enjoy your audio without any interruptions or dropouts.

    Touch Controls for Intuitive Use

    Navigating your audio experience is a breeze with these earbuds. They come equipped with touch-sensitive controls that let you adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer calls, and even activate your voice assistant with a simple touch.

    Sound Quality Like Never Before

    Crystal-Clear Audio

    The Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds are engineered to deliver an exceptional audio experience. With high-quality drivers and advanced sound processing technology, you can expect crystal-clear audio with rich bass, detailed mids, and crisp highs.

    Passive Noise Cancellation

    These earbuds also feature passive noise cancellation, which means you can immerse yourself in your music without being disturbed by external noise. Whether you’re on a noisy commute or in a busy office, you’ll enjoy a serene listening experience.

    Battery Life That Impresses

    All-Day Playtime

    With up to 25 hours of playtime on a single charge, the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds are perfect for those long days when you need your music to keep you company. The charging case provides multiple recharges, ensuring you won’t run out of power when you need it most.


    In conclusion, the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds are a testament to the evolution of wireless audio technology. Their impressive features, exceptional sound quality, and comfortable design make them a top choice for music lovers and anyone in need of reliable wireless earbuds. With Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, touch controls, and a long-lasting battery, these earbuds offer everything you need for an immersive audio experience.



    1. Are the Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds compatible with all devices?

    Yes, these earbuds are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops that support Bluetooth connectivity.

    2. Can I use the earbuds for making phone calls?

    Absolutely! The Baseus Bowie E2 TWS Earbuds come equipped with a built-in microphone, making them perfect for hands-free calls.

    3. How long does it take to charge the earbuds and the charging case?

    The earbuds take approximately 1-2 hours to fully charge, while the charging case takes around 2-3 hours.

    4. Do the earbuds come with a warranty?

    Yes, Baseus provides a warranty for their earbuds. Be sure to check the specific warranty terms when you make your purchase.

    5. Can I use one earbud at a time, or do I need to use both simultaneously?

    You can use either the left or right earbud independently, allowing for flexibility in your listening experience.

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