Apple Airpods 3rd Gen (MASTER COPY)


The Apple Airpods 3rd Gen are a fantastic choice for anyone seeking an exceptional wireless audio experience. With their sleek design, impressive sound quality, active noise cancellation, and seamless integration with Apple devices, they offer a complete package. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a busy professional, or a fitness enthusiast, these Airpods are designed to deliver the best in convenience and audio performance.

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Detail:  The design of the AirPods 3 should feel familiar to anyone that has heard of AirPods before — and that should be a lot of people, considering the fact that sales of AirPods alone for Apple eclipses entire revenue streams from many other large corporations.\r\n

The AirPods 3 are a mashup of the case and stem design of the AirPods Pro, but with the more airy, half in-ear ear tip design from the AirPods 2. Think of them as the AirPods Pro without the silicone ear tips, which is the best way to describe their design. This means that the new earbuds don’t create a tight seal in your ears. Instead, they will lightly rest on and inside your ears. This design will be comfortable to a lot of people as it does not completely block out external sounds, while still providing a good enough sound experience. This also means you don’t have to worry about losing the ear tips, since there are none, to begin with.

Specification Apple AirPods 3
Dimensions and Weight
  • AirPods:
    • 30.79mm x 18.26mm x 19.21mm
    • 4.28g
  • Case:
    • 46.40mm x 54.40mm x 21.38mm
    • 37.91g
Speaker & microphones
  • Drivers:
    • Custom high-excursion Apple driver
    • Custom high dynamic range amplifier
  • Microphones:
    • Dual beamforming microphone
    • Inward facing microphone
Chip H1 headphone chip
ANC Not supported
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
  • Force sensors
  • Skin detect sensor
  • Motion-detecting accelerometer
  • Speech-detecting accelerometer
Battery and Charging
  • Up to 6 hours of listening time (Up to 5 hours with Spatial audio enabled)
  • Up to 4 hours of talk time with a single charge
  • Case:
    • Up to 30 hours of total listening time
    • Up to 20 hours of total talk time
  • Charing:
    • MagSafe and Qi wireless charging support
    • 5 minutes in the case provides up to 1 hour of listening time
IP Rating Case and earbuds IPX4 sweat and water-resistant
Other features
  • Adaptive EQ
  • “Hey Siri” support
  • Accessibility features:
    • Live Listen audio
    • Headphone level
    • Headphone Accommodations


Apple Airpods 3rd Gen at Ark Computers


In this journey, we will explore the latest offering from Apple, the Airpods 3rd Gen, available at Ark Computers. Apple has revolutionized the audio industry with its Airpods, providing a seamless wireless experience and high-quality sound. The 3rd Gen Airpods build upon the success of their predecessors, offering enhanced features and improved performance.

Evolution of Apple Airpods

Apple introduced the first-generation Airpods in 2016, and they quickly became a popular choice among tech enthusiasts. The second-generation Airpods followed in 2019, bringing improvements in sound quality and wireless connectivity. Now, Apple has launched the 3rd Gen Airpods, raising the bar even higher in terms of audio experience and user convenience.

Features of Apple Airpods 3rd Gen

The Apple Airpods 3rd Gen come packed with several exciting features that make them a top choice for music lovers and tech-savvy individuals. Let’s delve into some of the key features:

1. Design and Comfort

The Airpods 3rd Gen feature a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended use. They come with customizable silicone ear tips, allowing users to find the perfect fit for their ears. The lightweight design and secure fit make these Airpods suitable for workouts, commutes, and daily activities.

2. Sound Quality

Apple has significantly improved the sound quality in the 3rd Gen Airpods. They deliver immersive audio with enhanced bass response, crisp mids, and clear highs. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music, watching movies, or making calls, the Airpods 3rd Gen provide an exceptional audio experience.

3. Active Noise Cancellation

One of the standout features of the Airpods 3rd Gen is the active noise cancellation technology. It effectively blocks out background noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in your music or focus on important tasks without distractions. The adaptive noise sensor adjusts the level of noise cancellation based on your surroundings, ensuring an optimal listening experience.

4. Battery Life and Charging

The Airpods 3rd Gen offer impressive battery life, providing up to 6 hours of continuous listening on a single charge. The charging case extends the battery life even further, offering multiple additional charges. With the convenience of wireless charging, you can power up your Airpods easily using compatible charging pads or a Lightning cable.

5. Connectivity and Compatibility

These Airpods feature seamless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing quick and hassle-free pairing with your Apple devices. They are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, ensuring a seamless audio experience across your Apple ecosystem.

6. Integration with Apple Devices

The Airpods 3rd Gen seamlessly integrate with Apple devices, thanks to the H1 chip. It enables fast and stable wireless connections, easy switching between devices, and hands-free “Hey Siri” functionality. With the Airpods connected to your iPhone, you can access Siri, make calls, control music playback, and more, all with a simple voice command.

7. Siri Integration

With Siri integration, you can use your voice to control various functions of your Airpods. You can ask Siri to adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer calls, and even get directions, all without taking out your iPhone or Apple device.

8. Comparison with Previous Generations

When comparing the Airpods 3rd Gen with their predecessors, several improvements stand out. The active noise cancellation, enhanced sound quality, and customizable fit make the 3rd Gen Airpods a significant upgrade over the previous generations. Additionally, the seamless integration with Apple devices and improved battery life further enhance the overall user experience.

9. Pricing and Availability

The Airpods 3rd Gen are competitively priced, offering excellent value for their feature set. You can find them at Ark Computers, both in-store and online. Make sure to check for any ongoing promotions or discounts to get the best deal on these remarkable wireless earphones.

10. Customer Reviews

Customers who have already purchased the Airpods 3rd Gen have expressed high satisfaction with their performance. They praise the audio quality, comfortable fit, and the convenience of wireless charging. Many users appreciate the active noise cancellation feature, as it helps them stay focused in noisy environments.

11. Pros and Cons

To summarize, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Apple Airpods 3rd Gen:


  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Long battery life
  • Seamless integration with Apple devices


  • Premium pricing compared to other wireless earphones
  • Limited customization options


The Apple Airpods 3rd Gen are a fantastic choice for anyone seeking an exceptional wireless audio experience. With their sleek design, impressive sound quality, active noise cancellation, and seamless integration with Apple devices, they offer a complete package. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a busy professional, or a fitness enthusiast, these Airpods are designed to deliver the best in convenience and audio performance.

To experience the remarkable features of the Apple Airpods 3rd Gen, visit Ark Computers or explore their online store today!


1. Are the Airpods 3rd Gen water-resistant?

The Airpods 3rd Gen are not water-resistant or waterproof. It is advisable to keep them away from water to prevent any damage.

2. Can I use the Airpods 3rd Gen with non-Apple devices?

Yes, the Airpods 3rd Gen can be paired with non-Apple devices via Bluetooth. However, some features may be limited when used with non-Apple devices.

3. Do the Airpods 3rd Gen support wireless charging?

Yes, the Airpods 3rd Gen come with a wireless charging case that allows you to charge them using compatible charging pads.

4. Can I use one Airpod at a time?

Yes, you can use a single Airpod for calls or listening to music. The Airpods have sensors that automatically detect when you remove one earbud.

5. Are the Airpods 3rd Gen compatible with older iPhone models?

Yes, the Airpods 3rd Gen are compatible with a range of iPhone models, including older generations. However, for optimal performance, it is recommended to use them with the latest iPhone models that support the latest Bluetooth technology.

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