iPhone X Battery Replacement Services in DHA Lahore at Ark Computers

iPhone X Battery Replacement Services in DHA Lahore

iPhone X Battery Replacement Services in DHA Lahore at Ark Computers

Are you facing battery issues with your beloved iPhone X? Frustrated with the constant need for recharging and unexpected shutdowns? Worry not, because Ark Computers in DHA Lahore is here to provide top-notch iPhone X battery replacement services that will bring new life to your device!


The iPhone X has been a revolutionary device in the world of smartphones, offering cutting-edge features and exceptional performance. However, over time, the battery’s capacity might degrade, leading to decreased battery life and various other problems. Ark Computers understands the importance of a fully functional iPhone, and that’s why they offer reliable battery replacement services tailored to meet your needs.

Why Choose Ark Computers for iPhone X Battery Replacement?

Expert Technicians

At Ark Computers, your iPhone X will be in the hands of skilled and experienced technicians who specialize in Apple devices. They have an in-depth understanding of the iPhone X’s intricate design and will replace the battery with precision and care.

High-Quality Replacement Batteries

Ark Computers only uses genuine and high-quality replacement batteries that are compatible with the iPhone X. These batteries are designed to meet the same specifications as the original battery, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand that your iPhone is an essential part of your daily life. That’s why Ark Computers aims to provide swift battery replacement services without compromising on quality. Most battery replacements can be completed within a few hours, allowing you to get back to using your iPhone X without much delay.

Competitive Pricing

Battery replacement shouldn’t break the bank. Ark Computers offers competitive pricing for iPhone X battery replacement services. You’ll get excellent value for your money and a fully functional iPhone X that performs like new.

The Battery Replacement Process

Assessment and Diagnosis

When you bring your iPhone X to Ark Computers, their technicians will perform a thorough assessment to determine whether a battery replacement is necessary. They will diagnose the battery’s health and provide you with transparent information about the condition of your device.

Professional Replacement

If a battery replacement is recommended, the skilled technicians will proceed with the process. They will carefully open your iPhone X, remove the old battery, and replace it with a genuine replacement battery. The components will be reassembled with precision to ensure everything works seamlessly.

Testing and Quality Check

Before returning your iPhone X to you, Ark Computers conducts rigorous testing to ensure that the new battery is functioning optimally. This includes checking for battery life, performance, and any potential issues. This thorough quality check guarantees your satisfaction with the service.


In a world where our smartphones are our lifelines, a reliable battery is crucial. Ark Computers in DHA Lahore understands this and offers impeccable iPhone X battery replacement services. With skilled technicians, high-quality batteries, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing, you can trust Ark Computers to breathe new life into your iPhone X.


How do I know if my iPhone X battery needs replacement?

If you notice a significant decrease in battery life, unexpected shutdowns, or your device not holding a charge, it’s likely time for a battery replacement.

Can I replace the battery myself?

While it’s possible, it’s recommended to have professionals like Ark Computers handle the battery replacement to avoid any damage to your device.

Is the replacement battery covered by a warranty?

Yes, Ark Computers provides a warranty for their replacement batteries, ensuring peace of mind.

How long does the battery replacement process take?

In most cases, Ark Computers can complete the battery replacement within a few hours.

Do I need to backup my iPhone X before bringing it in for battery replacement?

It’s always a good idea to back up your device before any repairs. While battery replacement shouldn’t affect your data, it’s better to be safe.

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